Answering Service


VIP Dispatch was originally created as part of an answering service. As our business grew, we quickly learned that in order to grow in the dispatching field, we must break away from the answering service. The founder of VIP Dispatch has an extensive history and working knowledge in creating, designing and building state of art dispatch centers from small 1-2 man centers to large nationwide centers. The philosophy of an answering service, is that they take calls and deliver messages primarily for the medical community. The following will list some specific differences between an Answering Service and VIP Dispatch:

  • Charges –> VIP Dispatch charges a flat rate, while and Answering Service will charge by the call.
  • Documentation of calls/tows –>VIP Dispatch utilizes your system ensuring continuity with your office and your accounting, while an Answering Service will normally enter the calls into their system and send you a report of calls daily. This report from the answering service would then need to be keyed into your systems thus increasing your costs for data entry.
  • Receiving Calls–> VIP Dispatch ensures that your call is answered immediately by a dispatcher. With an answering service, your call is answered in the order it came in and can be answered by a person who just got off the phone with a mom calling about a sick child. With VIP Dispatch, you will never hear an automated messages that states…”Please wait for the next available operator”, as you would during busy times with an answering service.

If you are interested in an Answering Service solution for your company, please visit the website of our sister company