How to Create Your First Website or Start a Blog – with WordPress

In this post,we’ll explore how to create your website using WordPress for the first time.

We live in a digital world where businesses and people are closer than ever in the history of mankind. With a website or blog,you can potentially reach millions of customers or audiences and drastically scale your business.

However,you may be stumped by how to create a website. Thanks to content management systems,building a website is super easy. A content management system like WordPress enables you to manage web content,allowing authorized contributors to create,edit and publish content with just basic computing skills.

How to Create a Website Using WordPress

# 1 Purchase A Domain Name

A domain name is the URL address that people will type in their browser to access your site. It’s important that you choose a suiting domain name because every other thing you do with your website/blog will be linked to it.

Therefore,choose a name that resonates well with what you’re doing and one that is easy to spell and memorable. You can purchase an available domain name from companies like BlueHost,GoDaddy and Namecheap.

#2 Choose A Hosting Service

All the information passing through your website has to be stored on a web server. That’s where the web hosting comes in. Ensure you choose a hosting service with good reliability and speed,excellent customer service and sufficient storage space.

We recommend BlueHost because it’s a tested-and trusted web host company. Furthermore,BlueHost also offers domain name purchase services. This means that you don’t have to worry about integrating your domain name to web host if you’re using a service like BlueHost

#3 Install WordPress

WordPress is the free software that will serve as the back engine for creating your website or blog. In hosting services like BlueHost and GoDaddy,installing WordPress is just one click away.

However,if you try to install it on your local device,you have to go through a series of complicated steps – not advisable for a beginner. Once you’ve installed WordPress,you can access the admin page and begin the customization process.

#4 Select The Appropriate Theme

WordPress comes with a flush of both free and paid themes to choose from. Just ensure you pay attention to the design and functionality so as to choose one that is suitable for your needs. Furthermore,it’s important to choose a template that gives you flexibility in designing your website. Though such themes tend to be premium,they generally cost less than $100.

#5 Set Up Your Website

Now that you have the template set,it’s time to configure it to give your visitors the best experience. Experiment with different colours,but try to stick to one or two for simplicity. Configure your website/blog pages to your taste.

#6 Install Additional Plugins

Plugins allow you to extend the functionality of your website. Some plugins are free,while others are paid. If you’re building an e-commerce site,for instance,you might need to purchase a WooCommerce plugin to provide shop-related functionalities like cart,order page,shop and so on. Visual Composer plugin can be installed to enhance the design of your website.

#7 Add Content

Now,you’re left with just adding content or blog to your website. Upload the information you want visitors to see on your website. With the Post button,you can create a new post in a simple text editor and publish it on your website.


Congratulations! You now know how to create your first website. However,there’s more to building an effective and efficient website/blog than just learning how to create a website. You also need to account for several other factors like SEO,and optimized designs. Similarly,you simply do not have the time or you might get stuck in the process.

All these shouldn’t stop you from creating your first website or blog. In case you encounter difficulties in configuring your WordPress or need to redesign,WP Tangerine a wordpress website design company and offers professional WordPress Help. You will also be guaranteed to top-notch delivery within a reasonable time-frame and budget.

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