Transforming Your Business’s Trailer Into Mobile Advertising

Do you want to transform your business’s trailer into mobile advertising?


Derived from horse buggies and race team trailers,you might have heard of the ‘Franklin’ Trailer. In fact,you see them every day: These enclosed trailers are among the most popular storage for tradesmen and contractors. In essence,the trailer goes wherever they do,whether it’s a job site,parked in a hard to advertise area or simply sitting at home. The potential for 50,000 views daily made the Franklin trailer a key piece for high impact mobile advertising also known as trailer wraps.


Two types of trailer advertising are most popular. The first is the trailer wrap. Using printed vinyl graphics,the entire enclosed trailer (minus the roof) is transformed into a mobile work of art. Designers typically take your brand or logo and combine it with graphics. Graphics might range from emotional depictions of those you help to simple examples of homes you’ve renovated. Whatever the result,at a cost of $2-3/day,the trailer wrap is an excellent 4-5 year solution for mobile impact.


Second,you may consider a promo wrap or temporary trailer advertising solution. Certain types of removable vinyls are now being used for a temporary message. Contractors can change graphics seasonally or promote specials for a few months. That means,you can let your lawn clients know you also do snow plowing for just a month or two then remove the graphics. Some handymen hang Christmas lights but take down their trailer signage right after the Holiday. Keep in mind that temporary graphics are just that. If left up too long,the image may fade.

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